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Transferring my journals from my old website is in process, but may take a while. Many apologies. I will add content as soon as possible.

The Phonosnout

 Neile Graham

The Phonosnout is a journal I started keeping in fall 1974, when I was a teenager in grade eleven (a junior to Americans). I had been reading too much Vonnegut and thought I was clever. In January 1999, when I started a weekly journal, I started transcribing it.

Les Semaines

I wrote a mostly weekly journal from January 1999 and kept it up fairly well through 2009. In includes section on what I was thinking, what I was reading, what I was listening to, and my old journal, The Phonosnount (see above).


In July 2007 I started to use Livejournal but never thoroughly committed. It mostly echoed was I was posting on Les Semaines. Check it out.


I have made several trips to Scotland and to Turkey. These journals will appear here.