Recent publications
"The Hoh Rain Forest Trail Circles"
in Ecopoetry Washington
"St Kilda's Hope"
in Polu Texni 29
(1 October 2018)
"The God of Salt and Saltuses"
in Polar Borealis 6
(July/August 2018)
"Persephone Explains The Dark"
in Eye To The Telescope 29
(July 2018)
"Minidoka Dump"
in The Literary Nest 4:2
(Summer 2018)
"Spell for the Seduction of Bees"
in Twisted Moon 3
"The Ghost In My Life"
in Polar Borealis 6
(April/May 2018)
Five-poem suite:
"The Goddess of Grace," "The Midwinter Gods," "The Goddess of Broken Things," "What I Mean When I Talk About Ruins," and "The Goddess of Naps" in Cascadia Subduction Zone 8:1 (January 2018, issue PDF here)
"The God of Unmendable Things"
in The Literary Nest 3:3
(Fall 2017)
"The Goddess of the Sea-facing World"
in Kaleidotrope
(Autumn 2017)
"The Alchemy of Arsenic"
in Liminality 13
(Autumn 2017)
"Behold and Beholden"
in Liminality 10
(Winter 2016/2017)

Word tangler, writer wrangler. I've published many poems in magazines and anthologies, several articles and reviews, a few stories, three collections of poetry, and a CD of me reading my work.

I am a voracious reader.

This site is always a work in progress.