About Neile Graham

who I am

 Neile Graham

I read. I write. I have two part-time day jobs. I'm in my late fifties (don't know how that happened so quickly). I am married to poet James Gurley. We have the obligatory two cats and a little white & sage green house in Seattle, Washington.

I'm Canadian by birth and inclination, but have lived in the U.S. most of my adult life.

I'm a grad of the Clarion West Writers Workshop for writers of speculative fiction, and back in the dawn of time, I did a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Victoria, then an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Montana.

what I write

Most of my writing life I have concentrated on poetry. I have had three full-length collections published, and over 150 individual poems in magazines and anthologies.

I have also published articles, essays, and short stories, and am currently at work on a couple of novels.

where I work

Besides, the writing, I've worked in a lumber and hardware store, an alcoholic treatment centre, an astrophysical observatory, and several universities, both as a teacher and as an office worker.

I currently am Workshop Director for Clarion West Writers' Workshop, and Program Operations Specialist at the University of Washington, running the Ph.D. in the Built Environment, and the Historic Preservation and Urban Design Program programs for the College of Built Environments.

what I read

Poetry and fiction, mostly. Most of the poetry I read is contemporary (though I do love Sappho, Chaucer, Shakespeare, the Metaphysical Poets, etc.) and English language (I only read English and a tiny bit of French, haltingly).

The bulk of my fiction reading is novels. Most are speculative fiction—some form of science fiction, fantasy, or a mixture of the two—though I still read quite a few mainstream/literary novels as well.

what I listen to

Another thing I do is run The Ectophiles' Guide to Good Music, a collection of comments on musical artists, full of comments about music I like (and don't like). My listener's bio appears there.

honors and awards

"Wearing Nothing But The Midnight Sun" won Arc's Confederation Poets Prize. I have had four poems nominated for the Rhysling Award, and have also been the featured poet on Goblin Fruit. Seven poems have been included in Chizine's Imaginarium series of the best of Canadian speculative fiction and poetry. "On Skye" won third prize in the League of Canadian Poets' National Poetry Contest, and four other poems have been finalists in Arc magazine's Poem of the Year contest, and have appeared there as "editor's choice."

I've been lucky enough to receive several grants: two project grants from the Canada Council: one to complete Spells for Clear Vision and another for my unpublished manuscript, The Walk She Takes, poems from travels in Scotland. I have also received grants from The Seattle Arts Commission, Artists Trust of Washington, and the King County Arts Council to support poetry writing projects, and a small one from the Washington State Arts Commission to help me attend Clarion West.