Recent publications
"TThe God of the Wobbly Menagerie" (PDF available here)
in Polar Starlight 3
(October 2021)
"God of the Apocalypse" (PDF available here)
in Polar Starlight 2
(June 2021)
"The Goddess of Wonder" and "Blood Spells" (PDF available here)
in Polar Starlight 1
(March 2021)
"The Gods of Piled Stones"
in Mad Swirl
(March 10 2020)
"Marian of Sherwood"
in Polar Borealis 12
(November/December 2019)
"The God of Tempests"
in Mirror Dance
(Autumn 2019)
"The God of the In-Between"
in Mad Swirl
(September 12 2019)
"The Solstice Gods Mess With My Head"
in Mad Swirl
(June 28 2019)
"The Empty City"
in Polar Borealis 6
(July/August 2019)
"The Goddess of Laying Words Down One By One"
in Liminality 19
(Summer 2019)
"The Hoh Rain Forest Trail Circles"
in Ecopoetry Washington
"St Kilda's Hope"
in Polu Texni 29
(1 October 2018)
"The God of Salt and Saltuses"
in Polar Borealis 6
(July/August 2018)
"Persephone Explains The Dark"
in Eye To The Telescope 29
(July 2018)
"Minidoka Dump"
in The Literary Nest 4:2
(Summer 2018)
"Spell for the Seduction of Bees"
in Twisted Moon 3
"The Ghost In My Life"
in Polar Borealis 6
(April/May 2018)
Five-poem suite:
"The Goddess of Grace," "The Midwinter Gods," "The Goddess of Broken Things," "What I Mean When I Talk About Ruins," and "The Goddess of Naps" in Cascadia Subduction Zone 8:1 (January 2018, issue PDF here)
"The God of Unmendable Things"
in The Literary Nest 3:3
(Fall 2017)
"The Goddess of the Sea-facing World"
in Kaleidotrope
(Autumn 2017)
"The Alchemy of Arsenic"
in Liminality 13
(Autumn 2017)
"Behold and Beholden"
in Liminality 10
(Winter 2016/2017)

Word tangler, writer wrangler. I've published many poems in magazines and anthologies, several articles and reviews, a few stories, four collections of poetry, and a CD of me reading my work.

I am a voracious reader.

This site is always a work in progress.